Below you will find links to sites that will help you conduct research for your budget project:

How much will you be earning?

Occupational Outlook Handbook
Research careers, including average salary and the education or training needed to begin working in that field.

O*NET Online
Database containing descriptions of occupations, including salary (by state).

How much of that will you be paying in taxes???

Federal Income Tax Calculator
Use this to help you calculate how much you will pay in federal, state, local (city) and FICA taxes.

How much will you pay in rent?



What is the True Cost of Living in New York City?

Average Energy Prices NY & NJ

How Much Electricity Do You Use Each Month?

Car Shopping

Is It Better To Buy Or Lease a New Car?
from Money under 30

Buy a car



Lease a Car

Best Buy Auto Leasing

Signature Auto Group

Calculate your monthly car payments:

Tips for first-time car insurance buyers

Anonymous Car Insurance Quotes from Nerd Wallet